Vienna: Black & White Images

As you have probably seen in my portfolio, in 2017, I took four months off to travel around Europe. I had one goal in mind: to find inspiration for my next projects.

Some things happened in my personal life, and I just need to get away and get in touch with my creativity.

So, in March 2017, I decided to visit and stay for a couple of weeks in a small town near Vienna, Durnstein.

If you have ever been to Vienna, you know how magnificent its architecture is. Let me tell you: Durnstein’s architecture is even more impressive, as it is a perfect mixture of the ruins of a medieval castle (the Durnstein Abbey), and a new-age architecture. Exploring this warm yet contemporary town, I decided to capture the perfection of the Durnstein’s modern architecture. And that’s how the black and white edition was born.

You can check out all the images I took in Durnstein here.